How celebrities party on summer festivals

Throw a party at a private Suffolk home and, as summer is the holiday season, we think you’d appreciate some of our top tips for creating the perfect festive themed party!


Festivals are mainly about music, try to make them a focal point of your party, keeping this in mind if you have bandmates, why not ask them to do a mini concert in the middle. From the party? Or for a more relaxed atmosphere, ask your musician friends to bring their instruments and have an improvised jam session.

Fashion is another highlight of the festival. Make your guests dress in the most outrageous clothing of the festival and participate in a contest for the best themed dress. Or shine in dark neon ink or at the tattoo station for those night shots!

Food and drink

Food is an essential part of a festival, so creating attractive food displays will make your summer party stand out from the crowd. The key is to keep it simple, but unusual.

Why not embrace the idea of ​​eating out and letting everyone make their own pizzas and bake them in an outdoor pizza oven or roast marshmallows over the fire? If you have an unused garden shed or Wendy’s house, you can turn it into a coffee and pudding station late at night serving homemade brownies, dances and coffee. After all the dancing, your guests may need a little boost of energy. Take a sweet break by filling an old wheelbarrow with a selection and selection of mixes.

At festivals, drinks are served in plastic cups, but try to come up with new ideas to make your party truly unforgettable. If you have a water cooler, a good idea is to fill it with ice and pour your beer bottles directly from the cooler. Or you can turn old bottles into large punch dispensers. Just give your guests a few shells and a few glasses! If you really want to push the pot, you can have pop-up stations for whiskey and gin or even rent an exclusive vodka sled and have your guests drink right away on the ice. Or try to recreate some of our flower cocktails …

Creating the perfect party for the festival is all about the final details. If you plan to have a bar, why not stand out by filling giant pots with wild flowers and tree branches from your garden, loading them with stones and placing them on either side of your exclusive bar. ?

Tents and tents

Not being able to count on the sunny climate here, the creation of an unusual tent or tent will create a focal point for your garden and will be a welcome gift if the sun turns into showers. Take a look at two of Lettice’s favorite suppliers:

Papakata (for Nordic-inspired tents)

Raj Tents (for Indian-themed festival tents)

Alternatively, fill a gazebo with air cushions and mattresses to create an after-party room for your guests. For some casual places, you can throw old blankets on bales of hay and spread them over the fire for a relaxed atmosphere. Or ask for old-fashioned lounge chairs to relax while relaxing with some music.

When the sun goes down, your garden party can shine through the night with the perfect festival lighting. Light candles outdoors, lanterns and string lights for that unique glow or ask visitors to decorate themselves with glow sticks for the final festival of light. If you have access to a brick wall, why not make a massive showing and stream movies or music videos all night long?

The key to creating the perfect themed party for the festival is to use what you have around you. Transform everyday items into your own festival resources!

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