If you have a secret don’t hesitate to keep it

If you are lucky enough to get a job interview, you need to be prepared to answer difficult, even difficult questions. Employers are looking to eliminate candidates, cheat them and send them to the other side.

Then answer me: “What would make our business fail and not hire you?”

What, what? You never meet deadlines. Have a terrible fury on the road. You hate authority. Or maybe you humbly boast of being a perfectionist, but working on it. Should you be serious, simplistic or fun? Be careful, because what comes out of your mouth can reduce your chances of getting the job.

No matter how stressful the question is, stay calm and keep smiling. It’s okay to take a while to get your thoughts straight, it’s okay to choke on “I don’t know”. While there is no way to anticipate some of the crazy questions being asked today, staying calm and showing that you can think of your feet will definitely get you points. Expect the unexpected.

It is always a good idea to follow the most frequently asked questions and practice the answers in advance, so as not to trip over the easiest and easily neutralize the most difficult ones.

Use any question to show your creativity, critical thinking, communication skills and self-confidence, as well as your resilience and how you have overcome obstacles in the past. You want to be attractive, confident and honest. But how honest? Be too honest and they won’t hire you.

We contacted professional coaches to find out how to answer why a company should be reluctant to hire you. So don’t hesitate if you’ve asked that question before.

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