The beginner’s guide to buying the right skirt

For professional women in Washington, skirts are an essential wardrobe. But, according to Rosana Vollmerhausen, founder of the DC Style Factory, who spends her days auditing and filling the closets of men and women in the district, skirts also tend to be “the redheaded stepson of any woman’s wardrobe.” That’s why Vollmerhausen teamed up with Betsy Garcete of Zophia, a DC-based craft “electric skirt” company, to offer a skirt workshop on March 12.

As Vollmerhausen prepares for the workshop, Shop Around seeks advice on what women should look for when shopping for and modeling skirts.

Have your bases covered

The classic skirts I’ve been putting in my clients’ closets are a black pencil skirt with a fun texture like leather or faux fur, a neutral knee-length A-line skirt in jumper fabric that brushes your curves instead of hugging her . them as a pencil and a wool-blend three-season pencil skirt in a colorful or easy-to-match pattern.

Professional doesn’t have to mean boring

An animal print pencil skirt with a cream silk blouse, a black blazer, and high heels still retains that classic look, but the animal print adds interest. I also always try to put pencil skirts in clients’ closets that are not black, but a deep red or teal or interesting pattern to mix things up.

You can make any skirt style work for your body type

Little Frames You want your midi skirts to hit just below the knee, but don’t drop down to the calf, which will start to look like a sister-wife. You can wear maxis, but wear a solid maxi, rather than bold prints that can overwhelm a small frame, and always make sure the hem is tight so your fingers look underneath.

Curvy guys

You can wear pencil skirts. For wide hips, wear only a blouse or jacket that reaches your hips, which will minimize and balance your curves. If it’s fuller in the middle, combine your pencil skirt with a blouse, jacket, or a cute blouse that can be left undoubled and add a scarf or necklace to get attention.

To keep up to date

Do you remember the instructions on the necklace? Well, this is the statement that will come out this season. Whether wrapped, asymmetrical, embellished, or printed with bold prints, these skirts are a great way to mix up your wardrobe.

If you are big go home

One of the biggest mistakes women make is buying oversized skirts. “Nothing off the shelf will fit your body exactly as it should. My clients often leave pencil skirts hanging below the waist, reducing their proportions so that their torso looks longer than their legs.

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