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Offer a sequential presentation of facts and figures. Explain why people should do business with you. What advantages do you or your product offer your potential customers?

Quantify these benefits. Saying that your product cuts your electricity bill by 23% is far more convincing than simply saying it optimizes costs. Whenever possible, add specific facts and figures to support your arguments, you will gain credibility in the mind of the visitor.

Tell them what problem you are solving. How do you make life easier for your persona? Describe your resources and why you are the only one qualified to offer the service or product you are selling.

The About Us or About Us page tells visitors what makes your company unique, including: your experience, mission, vision, values, goals, references, certificates, patents, and reference partners.

Indicate how old you are in the market and what experience you and your team have as a differential. What are the key milestones in your company’s history: Have you moved to larger facilities, bought a competitor, or launched a successful super product? Tell me when it happened.

When writing your story, you need to convince visitors that they understand what they are looking for and are able to provide the best solution on the market.

Think about what’s most important to your potential customers and make those facts more prominent. Perhaps it is your professional references, such as education, diplomas, awards, licenses and in-depth experience. In that case, prioritize specific details that meet your qualifications and give you immediate credibility so that your eyes shine immediately.

Remember: On this page, he doesn’t look for product or service sources, he probably knows your product as well as you do. At that point, he is looking for information that will allow him to decide between his company and his competitors, since he is in the decision-making or purchasing decision phase. Use this page to convince you to buy.

Try to remember the dialogues held during meetings and sales calls. Answer the most frequently asked questions your customers ask just before they buy. Avoid bold statements that seem too good to be true, if true, do it!

If your Blaster Ultra LED bulb saves energy and also lasts longer than the competition, show your arguments with specific details. Indicate how much the customer can save on the electricity bill per month and how many years he expects his lamp to last longer than his competitor. These details will make your places more memorable and reliable.

If your company is new and doesn’t have facts, cases, numbers, and testimonials to back up your arguments, talk about your goals and describe what you’re doing to achieve them. And start collecting this information right away. Return to your About Us page regularly to add these new tracks and create a history.

Be personal and intimate
Some companies choose to write their About Us page as if a third party had provided the information. This approach often seems harsh and insincere. After all, everyone knows that this page is written or at least approved by the site owner. So go ahead, use the first person (me) or the first person in the plural (us), whichever is most appropriate for your situation.

Institutional texts with house styles are boring! A visitor to your website wants to know if there is a real person behind this company. Be intimate and relaxed in your content. Write as if you are talking face to face. A friendly tone will make you more amiable.

A friendly writing style on your About Us page will help you connect with your visitors. Be kind in your text as personal!

Pass on the passion you feel for your company’s mission. Be genuine and personal when you tell your brand’s story. There is nothing wrong with making your personality shine.

Trust me, you can be professional and casual at the same time, even funny, in your writing. Formal and polished text is monotonous! Instead, show them your friendly and enthusiastic spirit.

Just like in real life, be authentic. Your sincerity will pass. Even vulnerability can be seen as a positive virtue, so it can be included on the Who We Are page here. Show the human side of your business. How many times have you seen entrepreneurs cry in interviews while telling their business stories?

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