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Salvation Army Christmas Charity

During the holiday season, Salvation Army volunteers with red teapots are often seen in front of retail stores across the country. They are asking for donations to help local families. You can turn to the Salvation Army for help with Christmas dinner, toys and clothes. In fact, seasonal help is available for local families, the elderly, those who have lost their jobs and those who may be struggling. If you or someone you know needs help this season, contact your local Salvation Army branch to find out what help is available in your area.

Christmas connection of Catholic charities

Catholic Charities is a network of organizations that help individuals and families in need during Christmas. They provide gifts, clothing and essential household items such as dishes, pots and linens.

Local charities really donate. For example, Catholic charities in northwest Florida, in Tallahassee, have a Christmas Connection division that helps the vulnerable as recommended by community social workers; Local people in need should call 2-11.

All Catholic charity groups should be able to guide you on how you can receive their help, if you need to. Ask for help by entering your city, state or zip code on the national website and contact your local Catholic charity office by phone or email. A representative should answer all of your questions and provide detailed instructions on how to get the help you need.

Toys for kids

If you are concerned that your child is having a happy Christmas with a new Santa toy, Toys for Tots can help. The organization collects toys and distributes them to children who need to brighten up their vacation. Order a toy by going to the official website. Select your state. From there, you will receive local instructions on how to order and pick up the toy for your child.

United Way Christmas Office

United Way offers a Christmas office in cities across the United States, created to help low-income families. Thanks to donations from others throughout the holiday season, the Christmas office offers food and gifts directly to you.

For assistance, visit the official United Way website. Enter your zip code, then detailed information about the local chapter of United Way will be displayed, including a phone number you can call, a physical address you can write to for help, and usually a phone number. fax. Just call your local United Way and ask the Natal office for help. Employees must be very familiar with the program and must be able to provide detailed instructions on how to receive help in a timely manner.

Being an elf

If you have a child who needs him while on vacation, Be An Elf wants to help you. Be An Elf provides food and clothing for needy children. Instead of contacting the organization directly when you need help, refer to this list of Santa Branch post offices. The child must write to Santa Claus, in charge of the local post office participating in the project, and the child who writes the letter must mention all the brothers and sisters to ensure that each family member receives help for holidays.

The holiday project

Do you know someone who is locked up in an institution for the holidays? Tours can be organized to bring you a Christmas celebration and joy. The Vacation Project works to help people who should be in hospitals, nursing homes and other residential institutions while on vacation. It also helps volunteers, putting them in touch with meaningful experiences, a way to give back to others and the opportunity to meet great people. If you would like to suggest a place to visit, please contact The Holiday Project directly via the email provided on its website.

Christmas Spirit Foundation

Armed forces enlisted families face many challenges throughout the year. They may also encounter practical problems in obtaining a Christmas tree and keeping Christmas traditions alive while living at a military base. Trees for Troops, a project by the Christmas Spirit Foundation, provides fresh, farm-grown Christmas trees for families in all branches of the armed forces. If you are in the army and would like to receive one at your base, contact your morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) officer and ask him to order a tree.

Angel Tree Project

The Angel Tree project provides toys for the children of prisoners. If you go into the local mall or store during the holiday season, you will probably see an angel, which is a tree-shaped display with the names of children, families or people with special needs who may need help. . hand. Buyers can choose the name of a tree and provide what the person needs. The Salvation Army, along with many other charities, organizes Christmas angels. You can ask Angel Tree for help by registering on their website.

Other ways to find local help

Since people tend to want to help their neighbors before venturing out to contribute to national charities, you may be surprised at how much help you can find in your neighborhood. Sometimes the quickest and most immediate way to get help is to simply ask a local charity for help. The sooner you call for help, the greater your chances of getting help before the holidays. The options that may be offered to you include:

Your local food bank: if you don’t know which one is closest, Feeding America has a database where you can enter your zip code or state to find food banks near you. Some examples in major cities include the Atlanta Community Food Bank and the Saint Louis Area Food Bank. When contacting the food bank, be sure to ask exactly what you need, and the representative will be able to explain what can be done to help you in your specific situation.

Local children’s charities: If there is a children’s charity in your area, the group is likely to offer some type of holiday assistance program. For example, the charity Christmas in the City in Boston plays Sant for underprivileged children and even organizes a Christmas party for children living in shelters. Houston Children’s Charity also organizes a seasonal celebration for underprivileged children in the community. While there is no centralized directory of children’s charities, calling your local United Way office is a good way to find out if there is a similar group in your city.

Nearby churches: Many churches provide assistance to those in need during Christmas. For example, Calvary Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky’s annual Christmas Project, helps 175 families (on average) in their community. Visit local churches and talk to the preacher, our outreach representative, about your needs. Some may direct you to programs that can help, or the church itself may be willing to help. If you don’t know where to identify churches to contact, the World Council of Churches directory can be a good place to start. However, there are many, many churches in each community that will not be listed here.

Lions Clubs International: There are more than 47,500 chapters in the world, Lions Clubs International is very present. The Morenci Lions Club in Arizona is an example of a group that has a holiday program geared to charities, and there are others. To find out if you can get help through this group and its members, use the online directory to identify your local Lion Club groups. Contact your local club and ask for help while on vacation. Many Lions club members are probably eager to help, so don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you need.

Local financial opportunity centers (FOCs): These FOC centers are part of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). These are personal and career financial services centers, designed to help needy individuals and families in various contexts. Services vary, but some offer assistance while on vacation. For example, CSL’s Christmas Assistance program in Kansas City “provides Christmas gifts and food baskets to needy families.” Check your service card for a local option and call to find out about programs in your area.

Charities looking for donations – If there is a charity looking for donations in your area, it can be a resource to find help during the holidays. For example, Grant a Wish, Inc. of Chicago sponsors “a vacation program that offers vacation wishes to underprivileged, disabled and abused children on Christmas holidays in December”. Consult this list of organizations that grant wishes to identify possible resources near you.

If you or your spouse is in the army, several organizations will be available to assist you. Contact your local Armed Services YMCA to obtain toys and food baskets for children through Operation Holiday Joy.

Good vacation

Most of us need help at some point, and this is good for both the donor and the recipient. Whatever the challenges, you don’t have to worry about missing a meal or denying your child a great Christmas present. Help is available so that you can enjoy a healthy meal and ensure that your child has gifts to open on Christmas morning.

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