Take your coffee with you wherever you go

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To the point: True South offers sachets of your favorite coffee decor that you can take anywhere!
We Bangalorians take our coffee very seriously. By coffee we mean filter coffee. It is our complete solution for hangovers, headaches, fatigue or boredom. From meeting our gang to a family gossip session with our grandparents, the love for the coffee filter is deeply ingrained.

For those of us who don’t have a Darshini around the corner and have the task of decoctioning beer, or those who travel a lot, but just can’t do without the daily dose of Kaapi, True South is a real savior!Live: people reading now
TS sells the equivalent of our black gold (decoction) in 250 ml sachets and understands that coffee is a serious business. They have two blends – Malabar (75% coffee and 25% chicory) and eighty-twenty (80% coffee, 20% chicory) that you can buy at one of your two stores or place orders online!

People in the Indiranagar area can also visit their cafe on Old Airport Road (next to Anand Sweets) for a quick cup of classic coffee and delicious roasts that change daily.

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