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A healthy breakfast can get you far throughout the day

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Break the fast – literally, what breakfast does for you every morning. If you’re like me, you probably dine at 6pm every night. and you wake up around 5:30. That means you’ve gone about 12 hours without eating, and frankly, your metabolism needs fuel.

The food you eat during the day provides energy, but breakfast is especially important because it activates your metabolism so that it can provide the nutrients your brain and muscles need to get started. As you eat the rest of your meals throughout the day, you continue to light the flames, causing your body to burn energy and keep your weight under control. Breakfast was also associated with lower cholesterol, better memory and focus and less risk of heart disease.

So with that information in mind, it may be time to start motivating yourself to get out of bed with the idea of ​​a good start to the day. The first step in the process, of course, is to get out of bed. Rather than pressing the repeat button several times, jumping in immediately can help a lot when you try to start the day correctly.

After that, of course, it’s time for breakfast. To keep you fresh, here is a list of a dozen healthy meals that also taste delicious. Imagine your plate full of eggs, yogurt or oats (you will find just a few below), and you will have no trouble getting out of bed – your metabolism will also please you:

Oats at night

One of the biggest excuses for those who don’t eat breakfast is that they don’t have time to prepare it. Perhaps a steaming bowl of cut steel oats would fall into the “I didn’t have time to do this” category, but you don’t get oats overnight!

This overnight oatmeal recipe includes one of the most classic flavor combinations: peanut butter and jelly, plus a dash of protein powder to keep you energized throughout the morning.

Greek yogurt pancakes

Your favorite weekend breakfast should no longer be a pleasure. In fact, thanks to Amanda in Running with Spoons, this healthy recipe replaces the traditional combination of butter and flour with protein-rich Greek yogurt and whole oats. After mixing everything, you will have a dough that rivals your traditional recipe, although it also has a hint of banana. Covered with a little nut butter, because nothing better, I got up as soon as possible to eat them.

Fruit smoothie and yogurt

Fruits, yogurt, spinach … and beans? It’s a combination that may seem strange, but it’s worth a try. It is very easy to throw all the ingredients in the blender and drink at work, making them a great option for customers on the go. Smoothies are also often a hit with little ones, so make a double batch for yourself and your baby and laugh wildly as they take a serving of vegetables.

Benedictine eggs with lobster and asparagus

Most of the time, when you think of Bento’s “healthy” eggs, it may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Typically, a gourmet brunch dish consists of poached eggs, Canadian bacon, a crispy muffin with English and Dutch butter. This version replaces Canadian bacon with lean lobster and even tosses a vegetable! Play here! Replace the typical English muffin with whole or sprouted bread and go with the Dutch and you will have a delicious healthy breakfast that will get you out of bed as soon as possible.

Flourless banana muffins

This recipe is very special because it is a milk-free version of muffin, refined sugar, oil and gluten. It may seem that all of these statements go hand in hand with a particularly difficult recipe, but it only takes five minutes to beat the blender and 10-12 to bake. Even a crazy morning with a baby on the hip is nothing.

Poached roast egg

You may need to save it for a weaker weekend in the morning (or late lunch), but you will still get out of bed. The flavors of garlic, onion and salted tomato will be even richer when cooked with half a dozen eggs. Add chickpeas for even more energy and you’re ready to tackle this weekend’s to-do list or Netflix’s watch list. i don’t judge

Fruit salad with quinoa

Who would have thought that you could harmoniously combine a fruit salad with a cup of cooked quinoa? Alyssa in The Recipe Critic is a pioneer. She released this recipe and the rest, as they say, is history. If you need a little more conviction, the honey and lemon topping is included in the recipe to combine the flavors of your spicy fruit and almond quinoa.

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