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This is a video post with Vimeo video embedded.

Vimeo makes it easy to download videos hosted on your platform on your own website. Vimeo’s upload options allow you to publish your own videos and those of other Vimeo users. Vimeo also offers several options for customizing your overlays and changing the layout and information available on the video. Here we will see the different options available when you embed a Vimeo video.

2 steps to embed a Vimeo video

The basic process of embedding a Vimeo video on your website is very simple. Here are three simple steps to incorporate almost (see below) any Vimeo video:

Step 2: Paste the embed code on your website.

Note: The video owner can choose to include restrictions on the location of the video. If there are restrictions, you may not be able to embed the video on your website. If there are any restrictions, there will be a message below the video explaining where the video can be placed.

How to customize your Vimeo Embed

Vimeo also offers several advanced options when uploading to a website. To find advanced integration options, click the + show options above the embed code.

There are four checkbox options that allow:

  • Automatic video playback
  • Repeat the video
  • Show text below the video
  • Show video description below the video
  • There is also the option to resize the video. Choose the pixel size you want for the video on your website.

The color refers to the function of the reader, including the text of the reader. This can be set to the desired color using the hexadecimal code.

Portrait, Title and Byline allow you to present more information about the creator of the video. Portrait refers to the portrait image that the video creator uses on Vimeo. The title is the video title that the video creator has chosen. Byline is the Vimeo username and the Pro or Plus badge, if applicable.

  • For the Vimeo tutorial presented on this page, the Portrait and Byline options were selected.
  • Pro and Plus account insertion options
  • If you are a Pro or Plus Vimeo user, you will have even more insertion options available to share your video.
  • To find them, log in to your Vimeo account and click on the Settings button below the video you want to insert.
  • Then click on the integration tab, which is on the top menu. This will present the insertion options for that video.

Player Preferences

As noted above, when a user inserts a video, they have the option to include the portrait, title and title of the video creator. As a video creator, you can decide whether or not to give these options to others. You can also choose to always display Portrait, Title and / or Line, if desired.

If you saved the embedding presets (see below), you can now select them from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, you can individually customize the insertion settings for that video.

There are several checkboxes that allow you to customize different aspects of your video. This includes skills

Use a specific color for your reader. For example, in Bold Content, our corporate colors are yellow, so we use it as a preset for our video player. This is another way to mark your videos as favorites or adapt them to the overall design of the site.

The display of a Pro badge next to your name in the video shows that you are a professional Vimeo user.

The Watch Later button displays the Watch Later icon and the clock icon on your video. This allows viewers to bookmark your videos for easy search later.

Show embed introduces the embed button in the video, which makes it easy for viewers to embed the video on their own website.

The Show full screen button allows viewers to view the video in full screen.

Show the play bar can be switched to be displayed at the bottom of the video. It may be a good idea if you want to control whether the viewer can pause the video or need to watch it completely. The volume control allows you to control the volume of the viewer or not, and the Vimeo logo allows you to display the Vimeo logo on the playback bar or not.

Using a custom logo is an option for showing a custom logo on your videos. This is a particularly good option for corporate videos.

  • Output options
  • Other options allow you to select what happens when the video ends. Options include:
  • Watch videos from all of your specific videos or albums
  • Select a specific video to play
  • Submit a specific link
  • Have a blank canvas
  • Go back to the beginning of the video.
  • Display custom text

After selecting your favorite options, you can create a preset. This will allow you to save these options so that you can use them again in the future. You can create a preset by clicking + Click to create a preset from these settings.

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