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This is how coffee can help you predict the future

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Coffee is one of the main cultural heritage sites in Turkey. Like food, coffee is very important in everyday life, in Turkey’s cultural and social history, as it brings people together. According to historical data, the Ottoman Empire first encountered coffee in the 16th century. After that, the cafe became an inseparable part of the guest accommodation, in literature, in the palace and in all aspects of life. Some of the legends say that coffee arrived in Turkey before the 16th century. Fernand Braudel stated that; coffee was the main part of social life in 1511 and some of them say that coffee was brought by the governor of Yemen; Özdemir Pasha, to give the then sultan Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, in 1517.

Even the mystical poet Mevlana (or known by the name of Rumi) claimed that coffee was part of Anatolian culture in the 13th century. It is also known that the Turkish people brought coffee to Europe during the siege of Vienna in 1529. After 17 days of constant warfare, the Ottoman army could not resist the cold and decided to return to Istanbul, but when it returned, they left The coffee in Vienna. When Europeans first drank coffee, they hated it, but after adding milk and sugar, coffee was of great importance in Europe.

Since it has such a great effect on Turkish culture, it is clear that drinking coffee has a lot of art when it comes to cooking and drinking. Turkish coffee is always served with cold water, Turkish delight or chocolate, and sometimes with liquor. But of course there are many rituals when it comes to drinking Turkish coffee. Before drinking, you must first drink cold water to get rid of other flavors in your mouth; It is essential to try it and enjoy it as much as possible. You can also have coffee with a little liquor. Mint and bitter almond liqueur are known to appear in the flavor of Turkish coffee. At that time, Turkish coffee was made without sugar and served with Turkish delight, as they thought that the taste of sugar removes the taste of coffee (fully agreed, amen). It is still served with Turkish delicacies, but you can also order or make your coffee with sugar. You just need to say “az şekerli” (which means less sugar), “orta şekerli” (which means moderate sugar) and “şekerli” (which means more sugar). You can also ask for “health,” which means you have no sugar. And the most crucial ritual is after drinking coffee is to predict your future! The word cafedomancia exists thanks to the Turkish people :). To do this, right after he finished drinking, he first turned the cup and closed it with the saucer. After doing this, you should wait for the glass to cool down. Once cooled, you can open the cup and predict your future by smearing ground coffee. There are many Turks who can do this; If you don’t see anything, you can give your glass to the first Turks you can see and they will be very happy to predict your future. If you want to be more professional, there are also many people who do this as professionals. But don’t take all predictions so seriously, as there is a saying in Turkish, roughly translated as; “Don’t believe in predicting the future, but don’t stay, either.”

When it comes to making Turkish coffee, it is essential that it be done in the copper coffee pot. You should also simmer it and make as much foam as possible. Making Turkish coffee is also known to be the oldest way to make coffee! It is easier to drink, aromatic and more consistent than any coffee in the world. Turkish coffee is also healthier and contains less caffeine. If you want to know how to do it, here is your guide!

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