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Grandma’s secret blueberry pie recipe revealed!

I think I had made a three tier wedding cake before facing my fear of the cake. At the time, just the idea of ​​pie crust, in fact, the idea of ​​anything requiring a rolling pin, was enough to get me off the cake. kitchen. If there was a pizza therapist in town, I could have signed up for the sessions. Instead, I spent a day with a friend who knew the way of the dough, I made a cake with it and then I made a cake every day for weeks and weeks later.

That was before people talked about how often they need to do something to improve a skill. (If I had known the number was around 1,000, it might have been a scary cat.) And it was also before the food processor, the paramo basin. (You can also make the dough without a machine. Keep reading.)

Today I will make a double crust blueberry pie, even on the days when I am crazy. Contrary to what I used to think, the cake is not much and can be folded almost every day. And it should be up-to-date these days, when fruits are really worth it.

The filling is almost pure fruit. Of course, there is sugar, but not much, and lemon or lime juice, so important when working with fruit; The citrus flavor cuts through the rich rind and sweet fruit and makes you pay attention to the combination. Salt also helps in this way. Then there are a few tablespoons of flour to convert the fruit juice into jam. And finally, here is my little trick: the breadcrumbs sprinkled on the bottom of the crust to form a thin barrier. If you like, you can replace breadcrumbs with cookie crumbs or, better yet, small stale cake cubes.

Her cake password is “cold”. Yes, you should relax, but I’m thinking about the dough. Refrigerators and freezers are the crust’s best friends. The butter on the crust, and the recipe is for all butter, must be cold and firm; frozen would be even better. And the water must be cold water.

As I work the dough in a food processor, the work is done so fast that the butter never has time to heat up and soften. (If you want to make the dough by hand, follow the recipe with very cold butter, rather than frozen, and work the butter into the flour with your fingertips or a dough mixer. Similarly, you can make the dough in a palette accessory.)

Mix until you get a bowl full of wet chunks and curd; you don’t want the dough to come together and walk the blade. Gather the dough, divide it in half, shape each half into a disk, and commit an act of mass heresy – roll the dough now! This may not seem like a sin to you, but all the pastry masters to whom the gospel had preached to refrigerate and then roll out the dough. It took me a long time to admit that I violated that rule (and I don’t regret it).

Wrap the soft dough between the sheets of wax paper (or wax), lifting the paper frequently so that it is not wrapped in the dough. Working in this way is a pleasure; The biggest risk is that you will be so happy rolling, that you will not know when to stop. The time to stop is when the diameter of the dough is 11 or 12 inches. If the dough is not too hot, you can immediately place it in the buttered cake pan. (If not possible, allow it to cool for 30 minutes before trying again.) Freeze crusts while filling, preheat oven and toast to your success.

When it’s time to build the cake, remove the crusts from the freezer, fill the bottom crust and moisten the edge. Test that the top crust is flexible enough to cover the berries, center it, press it against the edge, cut the edges of both rinds with the plate and secure it with a fork (or leave the ledge and edges) Don’t forget to cut the cracks in the upper crust, so that the steam in the filling has a place to escape and, if desired, brush the upper crust with cream and sprinkle with sugar. To bake.

Then bake another cake. And other. Everything you learn from this blueberry tart will work for summer fruits and berries and will remain in the fall when apples and pears will be ready for the tart.

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  • Blueberry pie is something that I would like to eat on every-day basic. I’ve been having a blueberry moment and it’s not over yet. Blueberry Pancakes and Blueberry Jam, sure. Blueberry Syrup, Blueberry Ice Cream and Blueberry-Buttermilk, Blueberry Pie and many more.

    And yeah I have a quick word on the sugar – start with the lesser amount and taste. Now that blueberries are truly in season, you might not want completely full amount.