How to make your accessories look like a million bucks

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When I say cheap, I should probably say “friend of the wallet” and when I say clothes, I am talking about what is happening in my body that is not an accessory. We all know that my love for accessories outweighs everything else, and if you’re new around here, “Hello, my name is Erin and I’m addicted to shoes and bags”. I’ve always been one of those who invest in these items, but that’s mainly because I think you can get the most out of it, that is, the greatest value (and I think buying them is a lot more fun because, let’s face it, they’re still in good shape.).

And when I have a pair of shoes that I like, I wear them basically every day. For example, this Instagram post. I’m going to wear a pair of shoes until they literally fall off my feet. They rebuilt my heels with a pair of Tory Burch boots because I can’t leave them. They were expensive, yes, but I’ve had them for years and the leather is still great. I just abused season after season, rain or shine. If one of the shoe brands is reading this and you want someone to wear it, try: You are their daughter.

5 easy ways to lift your wardrobe and look like a million dollars

1 – Switch to monochrome

Raising your wardrobe should always start out simple. It is easy to achieve a monochromatic appearance. Start by collecting the pieces you already own and organize your wardrobe by color. A $ 5 white T-shirt tucked in white jeans is incredibly stylish. In addition, it is comfortable and does not take time to launch.

2 – Incorporate a statement piece

This goes hand in hand with the number 1. I love using a monochromatic look to draw attention to one that stands out as a special necklace or a pair of large earrings, a printed bag or a shoe with bright colors. The key is to choose one.

3 – Invest in your shoes and / or your bag

If there’s a place to spend money on your wardrobe and improve your appearance, it’s in the shoes or bags department. This is probably where it shines the most. Hey, there is a lot worse that a person could collect. I mean, I may be obsessed with shoes like the Silence of the Lambs butterfly, but I promise I’m not crazy. Often It is usually worth investing in a pair of shoes or a well-made bag.

4 – Use neutrals

Beige, white, black, gray, blush … even the leopard is considered neutral today. The use of neutrals does not have to translate boredom. Instead, think of it as a calming eye. It allows you to be seen and heard with confidence, without all the noise of many things in your clothes. Nothing says a million dollars like a cool, safe person. Neutrals look more expensive, just pay attention to the fabric and you are ready. An elegant neutral high collar, since the pills are not so elegant after all.

5 – Take stock of the basics

You can find great bases in very accessible locations. I always like to stock T-shirts at Target, like this casual pocket style. Old Navy offers great options for basic tops like this simple v-neck. I also find excellent fundamentals at H&M and J.Crew Factory (this tie is so beautiful). Basic blouses are perfect alone or layered under jackets and cardigans. And let’s not forget the original basics: jeans. Now that it has become socially acceptable to wear jeans almost everywhere, clean jeans (without tears or holes) in solid colors is also an excellent base.

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