The top 10 traveling taboos you should break

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Cruises have rules for a reason; They usually exist to keep you safe and make the trip enjoyable for everyone on board. But sometimes, there are things you simply shouldn’t do out of courtesy or common sense, even if there are no specific regulations in place. We will help you avoid being that passenger with our summary of 12 taboos on cruise ships that you should never break.

  1. Having sex in public places

There is something about the ocean movement that makes people want to do it. Although it may be tempting to go out in the jacuzzi after a lot of daisies, you just need to confine him in your cabin, and we are not talking about your balcony. Although the terraces look private, many are at least partially visible on the upper decks, deck officers or passing ships (or people, if you are in port). It is not just unhealthy to find yourself in common spaces; It can be considered a crime.

  1. Allow children with diapers in the pool

If your child is not trained to use the bathroom, move him or her away from the pool. It is not personal, but the swimming layers are not foolproof. If the diaper leaks, the pool will close and nothing will ruin your vacation more quickly than the angry look of everyone who knows you are responsible. Many boats offer special areas for children, which include swimming pools, children’s areas and sprinklers. Take the little ones for a refreshing recreation or bring your own inflatable kiddie pool to refresh your junior cruise.

  1. Drink in amazement

It’s your vacation, so expect some liquid fun. But drinking too much alcohol opens the door to drama: excessive agitation, reduced inhibitions (see # 1 above), injuries, dehydration and, even worse, a hangover that can seriously damage the rest of your vacation projects. Treat yourself and your fellow travelers, knowing your limits and fulfilling them.

  1. Sneak into crew quarters

Whether you are a crew member or just curious about what is going on behind the scenes, it is never acceptable to sneak into areas marked “team only”. This is for your safety and to maintain a professional relationship between the crew and passengers. If you break this taboo, you risk being expelled from the ship and jeopardizing the employment of accomplices of any member of the crew.

  1. Save the chairs

Most of the time, we hear about the pigs on the chairs against the backdrop of the pool deck. They wake up early to plant properties by the pool, leaving their belongings where their buttocks should have been and disappear, sometimes for hours, leaving other passengers looking for a place to sit. But there is no limit to where a pig will reserve seats. Passengers who hold coveted seats in the theater for others who are late (or not) are also selfish. Respect your fellow travelers and claim only the seats you actually use.

  1. Cut on the line

From the buffet or the contest line to the slide, it is never polite to cut in front of someone. We are not concerned with the urgency of disembarking, carrying the dessert plate or taking a dip. If there are other people who have waited, write down your manners and take your place at the end of the line.

  1. Do not wash your hands

We shouldn’t say that, but we will do it anyway: wash your hands, especially before eating or after sneezing or coughing, using the bathroom or touching the handrails or elevator buttons. It is the easiest way to avoid getting sick while browsing or spreading your germs to others. The hand sanitizer on board is great in a pinch, but this is just a short-term solution until you find the nearest sink. It does not replace soap and water. If you are guilty of skipping the soap, know that your selfishness and poor hygiene expose others to possible illnesses.

  1. Ignore the buffet clamps

Buffet stations have tongs and spoons for one reason: to prevent you and others from getting sick. Its germs are no less germs than anyone else; therefore, you should always use the utensils provided. Would you like to eat a bread or slice of pizza that someone just touched with their bare hands? (If so, read number 7 again and notice that we saw many cruise ships leaving the bathroom without washing.) Nobody wants to eat something they touched.

  1. Lack of respect for culture or local laws

This is a difficult question, as there are very obscure foreign laws and customs that you may not be aware of. Ignorance is not an excuse, however. As a traveler, it is your responsibility to research the areas you will visit and achieve what is expected. This means avoiding camouflage clothing or public displays of affection in some countries and dressing modestly when visiting religious sites in others.

  1. Remove the tips

With some exceptions, we do not recommend removing automatic tips from your final invoice. Crew members work long hours to make your vacation spectacular. You may not have budgeted for tips or feel justified in removing them to reward the specific team (waiters, waiters, waiters) who were helpful. However, in doing so, you follow the advice of people who are cooking your food, washing your towels and making sure that the pH of the pool is where it should be. Let’s be honest: if you can’t pay the tips, you can’t afford to sail.

  1. Flushing Unflushables

Have you noticed the little sign above the toilet in your cabin that shows pictures (usually hilarious) of things you shouldn’t throw in the toilet? Banana peels, underwear, toy trucks. It may cause a laugh or two, but it’s serious. Don’t throw anything away, well, you know … and toilet paper. This includes feminine hygiene products, wipes (even if they look washable) and food scraps. There are trash cans in your room for a reason; use them, use them.

  1. Run to the elevator

We know that you don’t want to miss any of the actions during your trip, but take a deep breath and note that sometimes you have to wait another second, like when the elevator takes you. It is common (and generally more convenient and faster) to allow those who leave before attempting to enter. Don’t you want to wait? An alternative is to go up the stairs, if you can. No matter how rushed you are, this is no excuse for being rude.

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