Thinking about a new haircut? These 6 styles will get you started

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Celebrity photos are appreciated, but keep them realistic

I recently visited my stylist with a picture of Mandy Moore. I don’t look anything like Mandy Moore (not even in the shape of a face). My stylist was able to see immediately why his haircut would not work for me and was able to explain it politely. He also noted that the haircut was very elegant, which meant it required a lot more work than I would like to do every day.

“Do not come with an exact photo and wait until you leave the room, as if it were the photo, you are preparing for disappointment,” said Andrew Carruthers, stylist and director of education for Sam Villa. “As each hair is different, reproducing an image is an unrealistic goal”.

Instead, discuss aspects of the hairstyle that can be replicated favorably. Ask yourself, “What do I like about this glass?” and go from there.

Will you still like it in three weeks? Three months?

Although the longevity of a haircut depends on the style, make sure you are comfortable with your new makeup for at least three months.

Fortunately, when it comes to hair, a drastically altered cut does not mean that you will be stuck with that look forever; however, hair can take time to regrow; therefore, when you plan a major transformation, you need to make sure that you can live with the appearance for a good period of time, “says Seale.

You should also consider the opposite of this tip – it’s only three months. Maybe you should try something completely new!

Not sure about the bangs? Ask for a “long bang” to try

“Should I have bangs?” This is a question that perhaps all women who go to the beauty salon have asked themselves (and all their friends). I would like to have the answer for you and me. Honestly, it depends on the style you choose and the amount of wrapping you want to do (the bangs are difficult to develop). If you’re there, but want to flirt with the bang idea, give it a long bang.

“A longer bong will develop more quickly if [the client] changes his mind when he is finished,” explains Julien Farel, of Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa. them on your next haircut “.

Do you want a younger look?

If looking younger is a priority, your haircut can help.

“Bangs, long hair, rich colors and natural curls” can make you look younger, says Radovic. “Of course it depends on the person’s characteristics, but in general, these styles tend to make him look younger. Hair has the ability to make a person look 10 years younger.”

Ask for visual clarification.

“If you agree to cut half an inch off your ends, ask if you can show them on your comb what you think are half an inch and see if they agree,” says Carruthers. “If you want a super textured look that is very popular in long braids and stuffed animals now, bring photos of the texture you are comfortable with. Simply saying” I like a lot of texture “leaves things open to interpretation. useful to show examples of things you don’t like. If you’re not sure, ask the hairdresser for examples of what they suggest based on the texture of your hair. “

Speed ​​up the conversation by asking “encouraging” questions

One of the discouraging aspects of cutting your hair may have nothing to do with the actual cut, but with the speech of the occasion. If you don’t want to talk, you can talk from the beginning, but if you’re ready for it, ask friendly questions to create a comfortable environment for you and the stylist.

“Questions like:” How long have you styled? What types of hairstyles do you like? Does it match the shape of my face and bone structure? Will you show me how to style my bangs? “” They are encouraging, said David D. Dennis, a stylist at Milk + Honey in Austin. “Demoralizing questions can set the tone and sulk: [these are] questions like,” Are you going to cut my hair? Have you ever done that? make you look fat, right? Positive? ‘”

Keep calm: a nervous customer can be a nervous stylist

If in the middle of a haircut you notice something is wrong, don’t hesitate to ask questions, but don’t panic.

“Remember that there are phases in every haircut and sometimes the path to beauty has ugly moments in between,” says Carruthers. “If you are nervous, ask some questions calmly and curiously. If a barber feels that the person in the chair is panicking, things are necessarily going in the wrong direction. Like any artist, creativity and performance decrease if emotions start to rise. “

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