What do your friends really think about your style?

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The way we dress says a lot about who we are as people. What we wear when we meet someone is that they draw a lot of conclusions about who we are. Sometimes we have friends who don’t meet society’s standards and sometimes it’s okay. But at other times, it can affect their daily lives when they find romance, a job or just make new friends. This can be a fun or very sensitive subject in front of the person. But sometimes you just need to inform your friends that they are dressing badly.

  1. Let them know that you care

This can be a delicate situation to manage. It is always best to start with how much you care and appreciate. Make sure that they know that you want only the best for them. Do not make them feel that this is an intervention, even if it is essentially it.

  1. Tell them why you are asking what they are wearing.

It is always good to explain that you are wondering what you are wearing, as it gives them a certain appearance. The crop top your best friend is using may be a little too small for her, which makes it a little outrageous. Maybe their sloppy pants and stained shirt will make them a little sloppy.

  1. How your appearance affects your lives

Give them examples of how poorly dressed clothes can be the reason they can’t find a good job or what their sassy clothes look like because men don’t take them seriously. Bring past experiences into your life and tell them that the reason something happened is because they dress badly.

  1. Tell them what’s wrong with your clothes

Explain to them how your clothes are wrong. Let them know that the short skirt and short blouse are too small for the body. Tell them that checkered pajamas with puppies should not be worn in public and that the stained shirt is turned upside down. At first they may be offended, but they recover.

  1. Ask them why they dress this way.

It is always good to hear about the reasons why they dress the way they do. It may be because they are really embarrassed or that grandma bought them the shirt. Whatever the reason, help them to overcome it or to overcome it. Be a good friend. Once you find out why they don’t change, give them a reason to change.

  1. Tell them how they can change

Explain that they could exchange the stained shirt for a very beautiful floral blouse or the short skirt could be exchanged for a glamorous maxi-dress. Explain the difference and why one choice is better than the other. Help them to find their true style in a modest and subtle way.

  1. Give them inspiration

Ask them to watch what they don’t use in the TLC reruns. Find before and after photos of other people in your situation. Read inspiring stories about how one outfit changed someone’s life forever. Inspiration helps people to change, turning them into a Pinterest dashboard if necessary. (And if they don’t know what Pinterest is, they might not be able to help them yet.)

  1. Ask if they want to change

Make sure that is what they want to do because they want to, not because they feel forced. When they decide to move, make sure you are there and want to help. Don’t be the friend that bothers you to change, but that doesn’t help. Isn’t that favorable and what kind of person do you look like?

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